Unlike the many smaller tango ensembles that exist, the BTO is not commercially viable on its own. Just like symphony orchestras, museums and libraries, we need funding beyond ticket sales to be sustainable and to ensure artists are fully remunerated. We rely on the generous support from music lovers like you to be able to bring the highest quality tango music to as many people as possible.

To show our gratitude, all donations will be acknowledged on our website. If you would like to discuss a partnership, or sponsorship, please contact us.


Muchas gracias to the following generous people for their support of our 2023 Owen Salomé and the Brisbane Tango Orchestra Australian Cultural Fund campaign:

Maria Walters
Sara Forgione
Wendy Dear
Holly Smith
Jorge Anaya Peidro
Sue Park
Barbara Pritchard
Heyni Solera
Victoria Calvert
Wendy Dear
Belen Silva
Melanie Walters
Krysten Davis
Will Bassett
Peter van Velzen
Kieran Webb-Sawyer
Kieran Salome
David Curro
Michael O’Donnell
Leigh Griffin
Sarah Cunningham
Avril Lambert
Aaron Takizad
Matthew Burton
Rimmelle Freedman
Carol and Martin Fallows
Lisa Bektash
Christine Bongers
Jo Lagerlow
Bryan Taylor
Ryan Lambert
Amy Putt
+ the many lovely people who made anonymous donations